We are happy to introduce the English Version of Outdoor Chamber of Commerce IGRZ annual Report .

You can find here all the research, numbers and comments we could possibly gather on the pandemic year in OOH business.

This version is not hundred percent full copy of the original, but consists all the information in terms of valuable knowledge for the branch.

„The beginning of 2020 was very promising. For the advertising industry, as well as for OOH, it was to be
a continuation of good achievements and the implementation of new ventures. And suddenly Covid-19 struck. The announcement of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic thwarted plans and intended projects. The market focused on working out actions to limit losses and adapting to this new situation.” – Lech Kaczoń, the president of Outdoor Chamber of Commerce says in the introduction.

Let’s what really happened…

Download full English copy PDF here:


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